Is bone broth good for you?

For those who are considering including this in their diet, here are the few amazing benefits of bone broth.

Benefits of Bone Broth

Many people are pushing for a healthier lifestyle nowadays. From being a couch potato for several years, some are adding more activities to their daily lives, while others are trying various healthy options on their plates. Ketogenic diet is among the healthy diet plans that are gaining popularity today.

Focusing on the idea that carbohydrates decrease will set the human body to ketosis which efficiently converts fat to energy, the ketogenic diet focuses on high-fat but low-carb meals. Reduced insulin levels, as well as blood sugar, are among the immediate effects of having a keto diet. In addition to these, weight loss is also expected to those who are having this plan.

Perfect for those who are diagnosed with diabetes and prediabetes, the ketogenic diet has attracted a great attention and followers including celebrities and medical professionals. Among the healthy soups that keto followers that usually add to their daily meal is the bone broth as it is proven to have a lot of benefits. Made from the connective tissue and bones of fish, chicken, cattle and other animals, bone broth is easy to prepare and is recommended to be taken daily.

Considered as an effective Chinese medicine, bone broth is rich in healing compounds as the connective tissue and bones is cooked with a lot of spices, vegetables and herbs for at least 10 hours. For those who are considering including this in their diet, here are the few amazing benefits of bone broth that we all can get.

Fights Bronchitis and Common Cold

Bone broth is effective in eliminating common cold symptoms as it opens the respiratory pathways, aids in digestion and clears mucus, according to research published in the American College of Chest Physicians. University of California in Los Angeles professor and medical doctor Irwin Ziment seconded this study by stating that chicken soup, a popular bone broth variant, is rich in amino acid cysteine which has similar effects as acetylcysteine, a drug to treat bronchitis.

Effective in Alleviating Inflammation, Teeth and Bone Strength

Containing glycine, histidine and cystine and other amino acids, bone broth is proven to be a big help as it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent in the gut. In addition to this, a recent clinical study also indicated that another benefit of bone broth is that it helps the successful formation of bones in our body as it contains a lot of nutrients such as phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, copper, boron, vitamin K, vitamin C, zinc, vitamin D and others.

Boosts Weight Loss

One of the rich sources of L-glutamine, bone broth helps stimulate weight loss. The soup is commonly recommended to obese and overweight people as the amino acid fights Bacteroidetes and Firmicutes found in the digestive tracts. As bone broth helps strengthen the gut, it is expected to fight against the bacteria which cause high calories in our body.

A study supporting bone broth’s effectiveness in losing weight was published in Appetite in November 2007. This research found that in taking this soup is helpful especially in cutting the calorie count that you will get from the following meal.

Promotes Hydration and Exercise Capacity

Another benefit that we can get from this ketogenic food is that it improves hydration especially when it is prepared with vegetables. According to several studies, the vegetables added to bone broth will pump up its minerals and electrolytes which aid with better rehydration and exercise capacity as compared to drinking water alone.

Aids with Mood Swings

Bone broth is not just helpful to our physical health but also improves our wellness health. Many neuroscientists claim that our brain is influenced by the microbiome or the bacteria in the gut. As bone broth proves to be effective in boosting the health of our gut, the brain will then receive happy signals from the microbiome which influences our moods, learning ability, and stress management ability.

Addresses Joint Pain

Glucosamine supplements are commonly recommended by medical professionals to people whose joints are starting to deteriorate due to aging. However, nowadays, in addition to these supplements, people are adding bone broth to their daily diet as it is proven to add some sort of gelatin to the bones that acts like a cushion coating to protect them from gliding with each other.

The Leaky Gut Syndrome

One of the common complaints of patients who are diagnosed with this condition is that they feel bloated or it seems that the food that they have taken were undigested. This medical condition should be acted upon immediately as the undigested food will bring bacteria and toxins to the bloodstream. To prevent food intolerance, which is the common cause of leaky gut syndrome, doctors and other medical experts suggest that patients have bone broth on a regular basis as it has minerals and nutrients that help the body easily extract and get all the vitamins from food.

Impact on Hair and Skin

People who are having trouble with removing cellulite should look at how bone broth can help them fight the enemy. Collagen plays a very important role in maintaining the health of our hair and skin. Thus, if we lack the collagen that we need, then the connective tissue in our body will deteriorate and will eventually become a cellulite. So in order to promote this from happening, we need to have a good source of collagen, which is where bone broth comes in.

In addition to having healthier hair and skin, bone broth is also helpful in alleviating signs of aging. As it is very rich in collagen, it will help lessen eye puffiness as well as wrinkles on our face.

Different Uses of Bone Broth

As it has a lot of benefits to our body, bone broth is recommended to be included in our diet plan. However, to avoid getting used to the taste of this soup, there are several ways where we can use bone broth.

Aside from intaking it as a soup, you can use it as a base for your gravy for mashed potato or steak. To boost the nutritional value of your mixed vegetables, bone broth can also be cooked along with them. Above these, you can also process it and make it as bouillon powder which you can add to your dishes.

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