Benefits of Cilantro

There could be a lot of reasons why cilantro is almost everyone’s choice. But one of the many reasons why cilantro became a hit to the majority is because of its unique versatility. Cilantro comes with different names all over the globe. Most often, it is being confused with parsley at first glance. Unlike other

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There could be a lot of reasons why cilantro is almost everyone’s choice. But one of the many reasons why cilantro became a hit to the majority is because of its unique versatility.

Cilantro comes with different names all over the globe. Most often, it is being confused with parsley at first glance. Unlike other spices, cilantro brings a bright taste to your meals. Even without salt and other seasonings, the flavor that cilantro can add up to your recipe is just unbelievably irresistible.

This herb is basically used in almost everything. Aside from being an addition to recipes, it also comes with a lot of health benefits.

To name a few, cilantro is rich in phytochemicals, antioxidants, and vitamins. It is no doubt that majority of the people would prefer using cilantro over other spices. Aside from being a culinary sensation, it can also bring a multitude of health favors for you. Some of the amazing cilantro benefits are listed below.

Benefits of Cilantro

Good for the heart

If you try to think about it, the number of people who are suffering from heart problems is getting bigger and bigger. This is why medical experts would often recommend foods that would be beneficial for the heart. Even the ingredients used in preparing meals must also be taken care of.

Luckily, cilantro could be one of those foods that you can surely rely on when it comes to contributing to heart health. Most doctors would recommend to include leafy greens in your meals since they are rich in vitamins and nutrients that could help protect your heart.

Being cilantro is rich in phytochemicals, you can expect this herb to help you maintain a good heart since phytochemicals are good at protecting you from oxidative damages.

Improves blood sugar levels

Another cilantro benefit is that it has the ability to help improve blood sugar levels. We all know how damaging and risky it’ll be for our health if we can’t control our sugar levels. This is another reason why you should consider adding cilantro in your diet.

There have been some animal studies conducted aiming to test the abilities of cilantro. In a study conducted in diabetic rats, researchers were able to find out that cilantro was pretty much effective in lowering the blood sugar levels.

If you wish to keep a good heart and stay healthy at the same time, then it’s about time you consider using this powerful herb.

Good for the mental health

Apart from bringing your meals additional twists, cilantro is also proven to provide mental health benefits since it could give you a good sleep cycle.

Cilantro is known to be rich in sedative properties that could help improve your sleep. Aside from that, you wouldn’t have to worry about those anxiety attacks that could be the reason why you can’t sleep at night. Previous studies about cilantro also state that high levels of cilantro could also help combat anxiety. It may not be a prescribed drug but it is a highly recommend natural treatment for anxiety.

Unlike drugs used for combating sleeplessness and anxiety that could bring you a number of negative side effects, cilantro could naturally help relieve your unwanted mental health issues.

Combats Urinary Tract Infections

UTI could occur for various reasons; sexual activities, genetics, and even bacterias. With cilantro, you could now naturally combat these possible factors. Cilantro is rich in antibacterial properties that could keep you from catching unhealthy bacterias. As a result, you can protect your urinary tract and maintain it healthy.

In addition to that, coriander seeds found from the flowers of cilantro could also help relieve unwanted symptoms if UTI starts to occur. These seeds are too powerful they could also help improve the urine filtration rate of kidneys. Due to this, you can quickly generate urine without suffering from painful symptoms of UTI. You can also get rid of the toxins in your body to maintain a clean urinary system.

Naturally treats food poisoning

It is inevitable that at some point in our lives, we encountered food poisoning. Who would even want to experience such discomfort after eating a sumptuous meal, right? Now with cilantro, you wouldn’t have to worry on how to treat your upset tummy.

A study suggests that consuming cilantro before meals could help protect you from food poisoning. This is due to antibacterial properties present in cilantro that could protect you from both food and water-borne diseases.

Promotes weight loss

If you’re already a fan of including cilantro in your meal recipes then you must’ve experienced an amazing dietary benefit of this herb.

The seeds of cilantro are said to contain sterols that are effective in absorbing dietary cholesterol thus it prevents weight gain. Imagine making your meals flavorful by simply adding cilantro without having to include additional fats, calories, and sodium. If you look it up online, you will find a number of recipes that will give you an idea on how to properly mix up cilantro with your meals.

Provides skin care

This herb is just too amazing it contains a rich number of antioxidant properties that could do wonders for your skin. The leaves and seeds of cilantro are known to treat skin problems both internally and externally. If you’re having issues with allergens then cilantro could also be of help. Since this herb is also known to be an antihistamine, you can make use of it to help calm your immune system.

According to some reviews, applying mixed fresh cilantro and coconut oil directly to your irritated skin could help you get rid of the annoying skin allergies such as poison ivy and sunburn. You can even use the extracts of cilantro to cleanse your blood. As a result, you can get rid of the bacterial infections that could be the culprit behind those unwanted acne and pimples.

Improves Brain Function

In order to improve brain function, you will need to have a good amount of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and properties that are responsible for lowering cholesterol levels. Luckily, you won’t have to look elsewhere since cilantro could just be easily found in your local market.

The rich amount of properties mentioned above could be all found in cilantro. Aside from that, flavonoid quercetin found in cilantro could help protect you from oxidative damage. As a result, you will be kept from catching brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.

Protects Body from Heavy Metals

Heavy metals such as mercury, lead, arsenic, and a lot more could stay in our body causing various kinds of diseases. However, cilantro is a good protection from these metals since it is cilantro’s job to bind these toxins, remove them from your tissues, and release them out of the body.

Aside from all the health benefits cilantro can provide, it is still expected to keep your body protected from toxic metals plaguing the tissues even if the infection has gone away. Some doctors would even say that to further maximize the benefits of cilantro, you can supplement it with antibiotic drugs to surely get rid of the toxins inside the body. This is another reason why cilantro is also known as an effective heavy metal detox regimen.

Cilantro Precautions and Side Effects

Similar to other natural herbs, cilantro could also cause some allergic reactions to those who are sensitive enough. There are those people who are allergic from herbs and that includes cilantro.

It might still be rare for cilantro to cause allergic reactions to people. However, it would still be best to see a doctor if you’ve had episodes of allergic reactions from herbals before. If you by chance suffer from asthma or bronchitis, then you will be refrained from using cilantro since it may cause irritation in your arteries.

Although cilantro is naturally healthy, your safety will still be the priority. It is best to know and understand the possible reactions cilantro might cause to your body and further understand how this powerful herb works.

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