Top 4 Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Why is blue light something that we need to lessen our exposure to? Experts believe that blue light can mess with our circadian rhythm, an internal clock that helps regulate our bodies for physical activities in the morning and for sleep at night.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses on a Laptop

What is blue light? Blue light is the artificial light sent out by most electronic devices to display images and texts on the screen. Devices such as mobile phones, desktop computers, and laptops are some of the usual suspects when it comes to our daily exposure to blue light. But why is blue light something that we need to lessen our exposure to? And how do we do it? Let’s check out more about the blue light plus the best blue light blocking glasses to try.

Experts believe that blue light can mess with our circadian rhythm, an internal clock that helps regulate our bodies for physical activities in the morning and sleep at night. Disruptions in the circadian rhythm can cause various health concerns and issues, but some of the main adverse effects of blue light would be sleep-related problems and disruptions.

Benefits of Wearing Blue Light Blocking Glasses

One of the cheapest and most practical ways to protect our bodies from blue light is to wear anti-blue light glasses. Aside from being cheap and practical, blue light glasses can provide numerous health benefits to individuals. Anti-blue light glasses Blue light blocking glasses can help our bodies retain essential DHA fat and which can help us convert sunlight to essential energy needed by the body.

The use of anti-blue light glasses can also help you to be more efficient in mitochondria production. That leads to better overall health and wellness. Furthermore, studies have also shown the possible benefits of blue light for people who have bipolar disorder. Evidence strongly points toward the overall impact of blue light blocking glasses in regulating the hypothalamus and limbic system,which controls the mood and emotions.

The Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Due to the possible adverse health effects of Blue-light, blue light blocking glasses have been recommended for use to lessen the possible harmful effects of the said blue-light. There several glasses available in the market today and individuals may check these glasses out and choose the best option based on their own needs. Listed below are some of the best blue-light blocking glasses.

1. Overall Best: Gamma Ray Anti Ultra Violet (UV) Harmful Blue Light Glasses

This anti-blue light glasses from Gamma Ray Optics received immensely positive consumer reviews and rightly so. The lenses and the frame themselves are made from plastic making them flexible and durable. Another great selling point for these glasses is that they come with a lifetime warranty against breakage. They are also very comfortable to wear due to the ergonomic fit and due to them being lightweight, weighing only 22 grams. The Gamm Ray Anti UV Glasses come with lenses that are colored amber that can offer options of magnification from 0.00x magnification to 2.50x magnification.

Customers claim that the Gamma Ray Anti Ultra Violet (UV) Glasses can greatly decrease eye itchiness, redness, and strain and that it can also address the symptoms caused by working in front of a computer screen for extended periods.

2. Budget-Friendly: Uvex Skyper Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses

Those who want to ease into the use or be convinced of the benefits of blue light blocking glasses may want to try this product Uvex. Customer reviews are fantastic but the price range of around Ten Bucks (10$) can’t be beaten. The Uvex Skyper uses orange lenses which have Spectrum Control Technology that claims to absorb the blue light coming from various technological equipment by up to 98%. Despite its budget-friendly price range, the Uvex Skyper also has a tilt feature which can help individuals with their screen viewing through varying degrees and perspectives.

This brand also has features that contribute to the overall comfort of the said glasses. These include adjustable nose pads and temples all strategically placed within a wraparound style of the glass frame. The said style and comfort features have been given many rave reviews by customers and consumers alike.

3. Best For Reading: Swannies Blue- Light Blocking Glasses

Customers who are fond of reading themselves to sleep may find the Swannies Blue-Light Blocking Glasses to be a godsend. Based on the statement from Swannies, using the Swannies anti-blue light glasses at least ninety (90) minutes before bedtime and while reading books and watching Television (TV), can help individuals sleep better and more soundly. When worn during the day, Swannies Blue light Blocking Glasses can help alleviate the symptoms of migraines and sore eyes caused by extended exposure to video screens.

Swannies are also comfortable and fashionable. Swannies look hip and youthful, while at the same time, provides immense benefits in terms of sleep quality and other eye strain issues.

4. Best for Gaming-Cyxus Blue Light Filter Glasses

Gamers have given two thumbs for these gaming glasses for helping reduce eye strain during gaming sessions. One unique aspect of these glasses is that they have a clear coating for their lens. Wearing the eyeglasses does not alter or change the color, and the overall game experience using them.

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