10 Best Shampoo For Itchy Scalp

An itchy scalp can almost drive you crazy. The condition itself is not life-threatening. Itchiness on your scalp cannot take your life, but it can frustrate your life. The discomfort can be out of this world. Read on to find out the best shampoo for itchy scalp.

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An itchy scalp can almost drive you crazy. The condition itself is not life-threatening. Itchiness on your scalp cannot take your life, but it can frustrate your life. The discomfort can be out of this world. Thankfully, an itchy scalp can be fixed. One of the ways to fix an itchy scalp is to change your shampoo. Some shampoos are specially designed to soothe your scalp. And then, some other shampoos may cause an itchy scalp. When you substitute these shampoos for the ones that can soothe your scalp, you may permanently fix any issues of scalp itchiness. So then, what is the best shampoo for itchy scalp?

The best shampoos for an itchy scalp are the ones that contain no SLS detergent. Some shampoos have detergents (surfactants) in them. A common example of such detergents is Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS). These detergents can make your shampoo leather to your satisfaction, but they can also make your scalp very dry. They may even irritate your scalp and cause redness and itching. Other shampoos are SLS-free, while some others contain SLS as well as other ingredients that can neutralize the irritability of SLS. So then, shampoos play a big role in the health of your scalp. Using an SLS-free product can bring back your long-lost comfort

Itchy Scalp and Shampoo: What You Should Know

Certain people grow up to realize that their scalp usually gets itchy occasionally. Some find out that this happens to them more often during cold weather. And for some others, it happens whenever they color their hair.

In addition to the itchiness, some people also experience symptoms such as irritated plaques or flakes on their scalp. If you notice either of these, then your itchy scalp is probably due to an underlying skin condition.

Skin conditions that can cause an itchy scalp include psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis. However, whether there is an underlying condition or not, a good shampoo can relieve you of any irritation and sensitivities.

A good shampoo can also get rid of flakes and remove impurities from your scalp. So if you have an itchy scalp, the very first point of call is to choose the right shampoo. The best 10 among such shampoos are what we have put together in this article.

But first of all, we’ll give you a few tips. The first is to ditch shampoos that contain SLS or any other surfactant that can irritate your scalp.

Shampoos that contain ingredients like tea tree oil, and/or oatmeal are very good ones. Products that contain anti-dandruff ingredients like pyrithione zinc are also very good.

But then, if you notice other symptoms in addition to itchiness on your scalp, you should see a doctor. If there are inflamed patches on your scalp, with redness, and soreness, then there is an underlying condition. The presence of whitish plaques and cracking dry skin may indicate psoriasis.

Do not try to either pick off the scales or scratch your scalp, rubbing it aggressively. No matter how tempted you are to do these, don’t do them. They will only make matters worse for you.

When you use a very good shampoo, the symptoms will be relieved. Itchiness will stop, and your scalp would be kept clean and fresh.

best shampoo for itchy scalp

Best Shampoo for Itchy Scalp

1. Itchy Scalp Shampoo (produced by Head & Shoulders)

They have an “itchy scalp” product. It contains no phosphates, parabens, or colorants that can irritate your scalp. But it does have the anti-dandruff ingredient, zinc pyrithione.

Furthermore, this product contains eucalyptus. This ingredient is very effective for relieving itchiness and soothing your scalp. An added advantage is that it has a very nice smell.

2. Ginger Anti Dandruff Shampoo (produced by The Body Shop)

This shampoo will take care of dandruff symptoms. It will also soothe your scalp if it is dry and flaky. It also contains Sri-Lankan ginger, which adds a boost to health benefits.

3. Elements (A renew shampoo produced by Wella Professionals)

This is an SLS-free product. It could cleanse your hair gently without overworking or irritating your scalp. More so, this product leathers well and has a pleasant smell.

4. Flaky Scalp Shampoo (A Philip Kingsley Product)

If your scalp is flaky and itchy, then this is the product for you. You will experience immediate relief from the first time you use it. Now, that’s amazing! What’s more, it has a nice apple scent.

5. Tree-Oil Treatment Shampoo (A product of Australian Bodycare)

Tree-oil shampoos have antifungal properties. This would relieve itchy scalps caused by fungal infections like ringworm. It is also food for managing dandruff, which could be the cause of an itchy scalp.

If you have dermatitis, this shampoo would benefit you too. Those with dry and sensitive scalps also get relief from using this product. It seems to be an all-rounder.

6. Skin-Relief Soothing Shampoo (A product of the Aveeno trademark)

This product is gentle and nice. It contains colloidal oatmeal which helps to soothe scalp irritations. It also cleanses the hair and is suitable for sensitive scalps.

7. T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo (A product of the Neutrogena trademark)

Although it is called “therapeutic”, you can get this product over the counter. If you have psoriasis, this product would save you the discomfort of an itchy scalp. It also helps to lessen inflammation.

8. Noughty Caretaker Scalp-soothing Shampoo

This product is free of both sulfate and silicone. It contains oatmeal and bisabolol. These two ingredients help to soothe scalp irritations. It also takes care of dry scalps by hydrating your scalp, thus alleviating dandruff.

9. Pure BioGen Shampoo (A “By Gina” product)

This product has a very good formula that contains wheat protein, biotin, and collagen. These help to nourish your scalp and alleviate any form of itchiness.

10. A-D Antidandruff Shampoo (A Nizoral Shampoo)

This product can stand in the gap until you can make time to see your skin doctor. It takes care of yeast infections that may cause itchy scalp. It also gets rid of dandruff and inflammation.

Other Tips to Relief Scalp Itchiness

Aside from getting a good shampoo, here are a few other tips that may help:

  1. Always rinse your hair very well with cool water after your shampoo session
  2. Avoid hair sprays with glue or resin ingredients. They may suffocate your scalp and cause itchiness.
  3. Regularly oil up or moisturize your scalp to prevent dryness.
  4. Exfoliate once a week with a scalp scrub
  5. If you have dandruff, treat it

The best shampoo for itchy scalp is not difficult to get. All you need to do is check the ingredients. Look for products that don’t have SLS. But then, if you want the best of the bests, you can get any of the products we have mentioned above.

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