Blendrunner: A Comparison Tool For Soylent Alternatives

BlendRunner is a free online comparison tool that compares meal replacement products side by side. It’s an application that’s designed to help you choose the right soylent alternative brand.

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What soylent does?

Soylent is a meal replacement product invented by a software engineer named Rob Rhinehart. He’s a busy person and sees preparing meals as a hassle. Thus, he was inspired to make a product that would make everything easier. Soylent products are indeed convenient because it’s a bottled drink. Whether you’re on a bus, train, or driving to work, you can carry it anywhere.

The product is originally designed for individuals on the go. However, it has also gained popularity in the health community, especially among dieters. Instead of counting how many calories you consumed in one meal, you can just refer to the serving size for calorie measurement without hassle.

A serving of soylent can provide at least 400 calories, which can satisfy your daily per meal allowance.

Meal substitute is generally safe because it is made of plant-based proteins. However, it’s not suitable for individuals with sensitivity to soy products.

Unintentional intake of the product may lead to unwanted symptoms like nausea, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gas, and headache.

It’s okay for consumption, as long as you don’t take them every day. It’s a good option if you’re in a rush and no time to prepare meals, or instead of reaching for unhealthy snacks, you can opt for soylent products.

Soylent products are very helpful but it may lead to negative side effects if consumed in excess. This is because it’s deficient in certain nutrients that you can only obtain through regular foods. Also, if you’re using soylent along with your diet program, you may not achieve your goal if you over-consume it.    

What is a soylent alternative?

Because soylent has created such a stir in the health community, other brands also try to make their versions. There are also do-it-your own versions online for people who are doubtful of commercially made products.

Some of the popular soylent alternatives or distro’s (as described by BlendRunner) in the market are the following:

These products and the DIY soylent alternative will be explained in detail later in the article.

What’s BlendRunner?

You can visit Blendrunner at

Because of the rise of soylent alternatives, a lot of people are now asking which product is the most effective, safe, or suitable for them.

BlendRunner was established for this specific purpose; it’s a free online comparison tool that compares meal replacement products side by side. It’s an application that’s designed to help you make your decision easier and choose the right soylent alternative brand.

BlendRunner was founded in 2015 by two health buffs from Slovakia, namely Pavol and Juraj. From the day of its inception up to today, BlendRunner has maintained its status as a popular comparison tool for meal replacement products within Europe and North America. Today, the online tool is mainly operated by three members, two of which are the founders, and a third man is Roman—Public Relations and Marketing.

The growth of meal replacement products has prompted Pavol and Juraj to established products and caters to the needs of those using the product. The application particularly provides comparisons about nutritional facts, product details, flavors, health benefits, allergens, and shipping information.  

Since the brand is relatively new, they’re continuously improving their database. Last November 2018, they’ve released their third system update. However, rest assured that the comparisons they provide are accurate, user-friendly, and reliable. 

Homemade soylent alternative

The Complete Foods or formerly known as DIY soylent alternative tool is an online community providing meal replacement recipes. The application is designed for individuals who want control over the ingredients in their meal replacements and doubtful about those used in commercially marketed soylent. The recipes offered on the website allow the dieter to modify his meals according to specific needs.

It may be especially useful for individuals under a low-carbohydrate, as mentioned, a typical meal replacement product contains at least 50% of carbohydrates. On the other hand, they may be people who want their recipes to be more balanced.

You can visit them at https://www.

The procedures on the site are simple and easy to follow but may seem difficult at first glance. However, in case you can’t follow the guidelines, there’s an instructional video to help you through the process.

Guidelines on the site are the following:

First step: they’ll ask you to register first before you can use their service. But never worry because they’ll only ask for a few pieces of information.

Second step: it involves building up your profile which includes answering a few questions like gender, age, weight, height, current lifestyle, and desired weight. You’ll also be asked to specify your calorie ratio. For example, the default soylent calorie ratio is about 50:30:20. Make sure to save your progress after you’re done in this section.

Third step: you can now select your desired recipes.

However, preparing and cooking takes a lot of work and you may even find yourself disappointed at the result. This kind of defeats idea of hassle-free because the aim of meal replacements is convenience. It may also be costly because you may have to stock up on certain ingredients.

Blendrunner: Popular alternative soylent products today


Joey Van Koningsbruggen., the owner of Joylent, claims that this brand is the soylent counterpart of Europe. Also, he is a former drug dealer. Yes, you’ve heard it right—he used to sell drugs in Europe. So how can we trust his product?

His product is quite popular so the Dutch food and drug department may have known, right? According to reports, it seems apparent that they trust him and don’t intend to visit.   


It’s a Finnish meal replacement product that its manufacturers claim to be made of organic ingredients. However, per package is expensive which costs USD 35.60.


If you’re familiar with the Biblical Exodus, it’s named after one of the foods the Israelites have eaten during their wanderings in the desert. It’s invented by Jakub Krejcik from the Czech. However, his sales are only limited in certain regions of Slovenia and the Czech Republic.

People Chow

This brand is owned by Chris Bair. His version of meal replacement focuses on low-calories with additions of cocoa powder.

100% Food

This product is invented by Aleh Manchuliantsau from the US. He advertises his product as the food of the astronauts (well, I don’t know about that). 

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