All About Coffee Enemas

Coffee enemas may help people gain certain health benefits such as preventing constipation.

Coffee Enemas

Coffee enemas are a form of cleansing for the colon and are usually utilized in the practice of alternative medicine. During the process of a coffee enema, water and brewed coffee with caffeine are injected through the rectum and into the colon. The history of the coffee enema may be traced as far back as the early 1900s when physicians from Germany looking for some form of treatment for cancer stumbled upon the said procedure. However, the Gerson Therapy, popularized by a German-American physician who goes by name of Max Gerson, made the general public of the possible benefits of a coffee enema.

Gerson believed that the introduction of various nutrients to the human body for it naturally heal may be effective if used based on the introduction of the raw juices, coffee enemas, and plant-based organic items. This highly specific process became known simply as the Gerson Therapy. The production of glutathione and the development of bile is thought to be enhanced by the Coffee Enema. This sounds promising and highly beneficial especially since glutathione is known as a powerful antioxidant. However, aside from the said benefits, Coffee enemas also have other possible benefits.

The Possible Benefits of Coffee Enemas

As stated earlier, coffee enemas have been shown to promote the production of glutathione and improve the flow of bile. There several other benefits to a coffee enema, though, and these may include enhanced energy, better immune system, and helping the body in addressing constipation. For most patients, a coffee enema can immediately help improve bowel movement and cleanse the bowels. People who may be constipated may try undergoing a coffee enema for some form of relief from the symptoms of constipation.

Other health benefits have also been claimed by supporters in terms of the said procedure’s effectiveness. These health benefits include the treatment of certain forms of cancer, possible treatment of depression, the removal from the body of certain heavy metals, the removal from the digestive system of certain parasites, the possible treatment of autoimmune disease, the prevention of the overgrowth of yeast, enhanced energy, and immune system enhancement.

It must be considered, however, that further research is needed to establish the actual and exact health benefits brought about by a coffee enema. The compiled list of health benefits is mostly anecdotal for coffee enemas since, for medical and health experts, cleansing of the colon is an unnecessary activity since the human body’s digestive system can accomplish the same thing on its own without any catalyst or assistance from any form of procedure such as the coffee enema. The body’s digestive system has shown the remarkable ability to get rid of bacteria, toxins, and waste materials on its own.

There is still that belief, however, that colon toxins can be harmful to the body and are referred to as autointoxication. A more recent study from the Journal of Lancaster General Hospital though repudiates this claim as there seems to be no strong evidence to support the concept of autointoxication.

Is Coffee Enemas For You?

At present, there is no exact or clear guide on who should undergo a coffee enema. One article authored by a physician supporting alternative medicine, Dr. Linda Isaacs, claims that the human body is cyclically and constantly exposed to food pollutants and other toxic chemicals that can be found in air, food, and water. As such, Dr. Isaacs posits that anybody can greatly benefit from a coffee enema. That is because according to the said medical expert, a coffee enema can stimulate the individual’s liver to help the body get rid of pollutants and harmful waste.

Stimulant laxatives may be replaced by coffee enemas as they act similarly in cleansing the colon and preparing patients for any form of colon-related procedure such as a video capsule endoscopy. One study conducted in 2014 by the Clinical Nutrition Research concluded that the use of coffee enemas can help prepare the bowels with minimal adverse side effects. Further studies are needed before coffee enemas can be considered as a regular procedure in certain medical conditions.

How is a Coffee Enema Done?

A coffee enema is usually done at the patient’s home or at some medical facilities that support holistic and alternative approaches to medicine. Unfortunately, no cut and dry guidelines have been set for the conduct of coffee enema. People who decide to go for a coffee enema though may experience some pressure, cramps, and fullness during the enema. People may also feel certain heart palpitations and shakiness due to the caffeine’s side effects. People are also advised to drink plenty of water to avoid being dehydrated after the procedure.

Risks of Using Coffee Enema?

While coffee enemas may have some promising health benefits, experts are still asking patients who wish to consider having a coffee enema to consider the possibility of certain risks for using a coffee enema. Deaths may be attributed to coffee enema as one (1) patient may have suffered from infection while two (2) others died due to a possible imbalance of the electrolytes. Patients with an allergic reaction to caffeine should also steer clear from coffee enemas as they cause adverse health effects on the individual.

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