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Eat Complete advocates that we can have healthier lives when we train our brains to be resilient. And we can achieve a resilient brain through the foods we eat.

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What exactly is “Eat Complete”?

Eat Complete started as a diet book. However, the ideas entailed in the book is more than a diet book, it’s a call for lifestyle change for the benefit of our overall wellbeing. Its author, Dr. Drew Ramsey, is a psychiatrist, farmer, and bestselling author. He particularly advocates that we can have healthier lives when we train our brains to be resilient. And we can achieve a resilient brain through the foods we eat. 

In Eat Complete, he identifies the 21 nutrients that are immensely essential to cognitive and overall health. We may not be conscious of this apparent fact but the foods we eat affect our current moods.

Also, our regular eating patterns may be disrupted when we are depressed or happy, or if you’re exhausted or full of energy. Studies also showed, that there is a connection between depression and overweight even if the individual doesn’t overeat.  

However, we all know that simply knowing facts is not enough. For example, we know for certain that excessive consumption of rice or high gluten foods isn’t healthy and can induce weight gain. However, for some reason, we still consume them and overeat as if we have no control over ourselves.

Dr. Ramsey’s Eat Complete acknowledges these facts, he offers practical guidelines and 100 easy-to-prepare meals and how we can incorporate them into our daily routine.

While we can’t provide some of the main ideas and recipes in the book, we can give you the reasons why you should take this diet plan and why it’s immensely beneficial.

What Is Eat Complete

Why use the Eat Complete guidelines and especially for weight loss?

According to Dr. Ramsey, consuming foods with potent amounts of the 21 nutrients provided in his book can result in a healthier weight because:

1. Foods of the brain have lower amounts of calories

Counting calories is an essential tool for any person on a diet or those just trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Recording your caloric intake has been in use for many years now and one of the most trusted methods in any weight management plan.

However, Dr. Ramsey says that calorie counting isn’t necessarily important and we shouldn’t entirely depend on it. He instead advised counting your brain nutrients. But what does he mean by that? He says that among the entire cells in our body, brain cells are the hungriest and they must be fed first. Studies have shown that the brain utilizes about 20% of the foods we eat.

For this reason, he suggests to first pursue foods that are highly beneficial to the nervous system. It’s not lower in calories, but also gives your brain a lot of energy.

2. The development of the brain is equivalent to reduced weight

Dr. Drew Ramsey explains that the condition of your brain is closely linked to weight loss. He continues that specific brain chemicals may help you manage your weight.

The overall health of the brain may depend on certain compounds like melatonin. Brain foods also provide Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). It’s a gene that signals the brain and spinal cord to produce a certain type of protein. Now, this protein is especially essential for the development and maintenance of nerve cells or neurons. It contributes to weight loss by boosting your metabolism and improves your calorie-burning process.

In particular, melatonin alone can help an individual lose weight. Melatonin’s main function is to regulate our circadian rhythm, which involves sleep health. Some studies suggest that insufficient sleep is often associated with weight gain and obesity. Proper sleep leads to a healthier disposition in the morning. Thus, it makes us more in control anytime we are tempted to overeat.

Regular consumption of foods that contain the following compounds may significantly help you lose weight.

3. The diet plan is free of empty calories and nutrients

In nutritional terms and I know we are all aware that there’s always the good and the bad. Good fats and bad fats, good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, good carbohydrates, and bad carbohydrates, etc. For this reason, it’s important to distinguish which is which to avoid putting the wrong nutrients in the body.

Also, I know that we are all conscious that highly processed foods are unhealthy. Health advocates preached that to stay healthy and fitted; we should refrain from consuming processed foods.

The Eat Complete diet also advocates eating natural and fresh foods and avoiding the consumption of highly processed foods.

Processed foods that have undergone extreme manufacturing are loaded with chemicals. It includes compounds like preservatives, sugars, processed carbohydrates, saturated fats, and other additives. A healthy brain is free of these compounds.

Dr. Drew Ramsey instead recommends healthier options which include fresh kale, kefir, and eggs and pairing them with blueberries, nuts, and seeds. This is much better than a low-fat meal of toasted bread or cereal.

4. A well-conditioned brain will make you feel full

Most brain foods are rich in fiber which induces the feelings of satiety when we consume them. For optimal results, you may add foods rich in complex carbohydrates, proteins, and unsaturated fats.

5. A healthier brain means a better mood

Do any of you hear of stress eating? I know we’ve all been there, the feelings of you’re so down and you just want to your favorite food or should I say comfort foods. Dr. Ramsey advises us to be aware of this feeling when it happened.

He further says that we have to practice mindful eating. In contrary to a personal belief that foods will make you better; training our brain to control bad eating induces a better mood and reduced anxiety.

6. Promotes good bacteria

Not all bacteria are bad and can cause harm to us. Our gastrointestinal tracts host a type of bacterium called e. coli. They’re completely benign and commonly live in the human and animal intestine.

There are also bacteria’s we need to consume to help us prevent infections and diseases and strengthening our immune system. Good bacteria’s acts like a counter-reinforcements against parasites, viruses, and yeast infections. As we all may be aware, these elements are harmful which greatly affects both our health and weight. Also, when we maintain a healthy digestive system, we boost our cognitive health as well.             

So where can we find these good bacteria? You can find them in fermented foods like yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, or atchara.

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