Facts About Lubricants

In this article, you will learn more about lubricant pros and cons, facts about lubricant, plus scientific-based studies on it is safe to use or not.

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Sex is simple, yet there are approaches to make it simpler and increasingly fun. One method for smoothing things out is through lubricants. Lubricants pass by numerous names like lube or individual lubricants. Read on for more facts about lubricants

What Is A Lubricant?

Lubricants can make intercourse increasingly agreeable for ladies with vaginal dryness, a typical issue that can originate from an assortment of causes, including falling estrogen levels at menopause, enthusiastic variables, or certain medications.

Lubricants likewise help ladies who don’t normally produce vaginal wetness when aroused. The lubricants likewise make it simpler—and increasingly pleasurable—to utilize condoms, an unquestionable requirement for ensuring against explicitly transmitted maladies like herpes or the human papillomavirus or HIV.

A study conducted in 2014 on one of the top universities which are Indiana University, found that 65 percent of ladies regularly use lubricants to make sex progressively agreeable, increasingly pleasurable, or both.

Furthermore, in a review of gay men in San Francisco who uses anal intercourse as their main method of pleasuring themselves, 89 percent of the subjects said that they generally use lubricants amid sexual intercourse.

Be that as it may, notwithstanding lubricants’ omnipresence and generally great notoriety, there is still a concern about the quality control checking of certain products of lubricants. These brought concerns are coming from consumers of the lubricant products. This is what you have to think about as always as it involves your health – the potential issues and how to ensure yourself in case you are using a lubricant for sex.

The customary way of thinking has held that lubricants decrease the opportunity of explicitly transmitted contaminations by making the vaginal or anal zone protected along these lines. Lubricants eliminate the danger of little tears that advance more the transmission of irresistible contaminators like viruses and bacteria.

Is It Safe?

A 2012 report in the diary Sexually Transmitted Diseases found, that people who had utilized lubricants for anal intercourse in the earlier month were bound to test constructive for gonorrhea or chlamydia than the individuals who had anal sex without lube. The researches recommended that the observed expanded hazard may have been because the lubricant products irritated the rear-end of the rectum, making it simpler and faster for life forms like viruses and bacteria to spread. There is a natural bacterial ecosystem in the reproductive parts like the vagina and some in the excretory parts like the anus but contaminating it with other bacteria might tip off the balance of the bacterial ecosystem. The tipping off of the bacterial ecosystem makes it possible for certain diseases like herpes or HIV to flourish.

Additionally, a 2014 laboratory research contemplated in the diary 12 different lubricants that were sold in Europe. The researchers found that some of them may modify the pH balance of the vagina, which in principle could expand the danger of certain vaginal diseases. Another study which was conducted in 2013 found that ladies who use lubricants were particularly prone to finish up with bacterial vaginosis or a yeast disease.

Other Reminders

Regardless of whether the contamination is a worry or not, modern lubricants can contain fixings that could cause disturbance or unfavorably susceptible responses in certain individuals. Especially basic offenders, like “desensitizing” lubricants that contain benzocaine, a topical analgesic, and “warming” lubricants, which may highlight menthol or capsaicin. As in other skin items, lubricants that incorporate scent or enhancing fixings may chafe sensitive skin. Other potential aggravations incorporate the antibacterial specialist chlorhexidine, propylene glycol, glycerin, and a gathering of additives called parabens.

You can decide whether you are sensitive to a given item by applying a bit within your elbow and holding it up for a day to ensure that no redness happens. On the off chance that you have an abnormal response to a certain lubricant, quit utilizing it; if the issue perseveres, have a talk with your specialist.

Oil-based lubricants can corrupt latex and ought to never be utilized with latex condoms. The other one is the ones that incorporate regular oils like mineral oil and other oils that are not relatively gentle for the skin. The last one is a primer proof that specific water-based lubricants, including Astroglide and a few K-Y items, may diminish sperm motility. However, there is no confirmation that individuals who use them have lower rates of pregnancy.

Another fact that might be useful for you is not to use certain lubricant products that are not meant for sexual intercourse. Some of the lubricant products might seem to be a potential lubricant for sex because they are thought to be potentially gentle for the skin, but that is not the case at all. Samples of these lubricant products that are thought to be a potential lubricant product for sexual intercourse are baby oils, massage oils, essential oils, petroleum jelly, and many more. The thing is, these lubricant products are good for the skin and only for the skin. However, if you try these potential lubricant products in the rawness of the vagina, it might damage the chemical balance of your vagina and cause various diseases. Some of these products too might cause damage in the latex-based composition of condoms, which is not a good thing since it might render holes in the condom during sexual intercourse. On the contrary, though, there are lubricant products out there that are natural-based like aloe vera that is good for sexual lubrication. You just need to be wary of the ingredients in the aloe vera product and make sure that it is meant for the purpose you intend it for.

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