Ghee vs Butter: Know the Difference

Ghee is one of the friendliest fat sources to people who are in paleo diet.

Ghee vs Butter

Also known as the Caveman Diet, Paleo Diet is one of the popular weight loss diet programs nowadays. Basing its concept on the healthy eating habits of prehistoric people, this special diet focuses on meal plans composed of vegetables, seeds, nuts, fruits, lean meats and others that are acquired in the old days through hunting and gathering. Ghee is one of the friendliest fat sources to people who are in Paleo Diet. Perfect for those who are considered to be lactose intolerant, ghee has a lot of benefits as compared to other fat sources like butter.

The comparison, ghee vs. butter, is gaining popularity online. Also known as butter oil or clarified butter, ghee can be considered as butter’s purer form. To carefully assess the two, below are some important facts that everyone should know about the composition, popularity, and benefits from using ghee and butter.

What is Ghee?

Commonly used in Pakistani and Indian dishes, ghee is a health powerhouse as it contains all the incredible ingredients of butter without the lactose, casein and other allergens. This superfood is produced when butter is heated to the point that the fat is separated from the milk and other liquid content. The heating process continues until the milk is caramelized. The oil that will be left behind is what will be used as ghee.

Health Benefits From Ghee

Ghee is increasingly becoming popular to people who want to live a healthier life. It is so healthy that Ayurvedic practitioners recommend giving small doses of this to newborn babies. A perfect substitute for butter, ghee has a lot of rejuvenating properties and medical benefits. Among these is its capability to provide the nutrients that we need to protect our brain.

With its cholesterol content, ghee is proven to stimulate the proper functioning of the brain. It also supplies antioxidants necessary for preventing rapid mental decline that could lead to dementia. In addition to cholesterol and antioxidants, clarified butter has choline that boosts acetylcholine and other neurotransmitters which we all need to enhance our learning and remembering skills.

Improving the digestive function is another health benefit that we can get from including ghee in our daily diet. Due to its rich butyrate content, regular intake of ghee can help protect ourselves from colon cancer, Crohn’s disease, leaky gut syndrome, ulcerative colitis, and other medical conditions.

Minerals, Vitamins and Other Nutrients From Ghee

Aside from cholesterol and butyrate that is expected to help improve our digestive system, ghee is known to be rich in beneficial vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. As compared to other fat sources, ghee has vitamin A that is processed to be in retinol form, enabling the human body to easily convert it to help our immune system.

Those who are looking for the best sources of vitamin K12 should include ghee to their list. By regularly taking this, you can help your body fight tooth decay, protect the arteries from calcifying and boost the growth of your bones. Among all, ghee is known to have conjugated linoleic acid which helps our circulatory system by effectively lowering our blood pressure and preventing our veins from being inflamed.

Benefits From Butter

Lots of studies indicate ghee to be at an advantage than butter; however, it is still worthwhile to know that when done in moderation, eating butter has its own benefits to offer to us. Similar to ghee, butter is also rich in nutrients and vitamins. Among these is vitamin K2 which triggers metabolism and helps our body fight cancer, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and other serious health conditions.

Another important benefit that we can get from adding butter to our dishes is having the calcium which we all need to support our bone growth and stability. In addition to this, research also shows that butter consumption helps alleviate metabolic disorders, cardiovascular illnesses, and obesity.

Ghee vs. Butter, Who Wins?

If we are to compare the two, ghee has definitely more health benefits than butter. This is why it is highly promoted not just in the Paleo Diet but also in other weight loss plans such as keto diet. When used for cooking, many people find ghee to be better than butter due to several reasons.

First, the smoke point of butter is lower as compared to ghee, which means that the latter can be used for fried and sautéed dishes. Another advantage of ghee over butter is that when cooked, a nutty taste is produced by the clarified butter which adds aroma and flavor to dishes.

Some of the best ways to add ghee to our food is by drizzling it over corn, popcorn or steamed vegetables or by spreading solid ghee over bread or crackers. Others include adding it to baked or mashed potatoes as well as letting it caramelized over roasted meat.

Is Ghee Really Better Than Butter?

Ghee has definitely a lot to offer than butter but aside from fat, calories, the smoking point and impact on lactose intolerant people, the two appear to be similar in content especially in terms of nutrients and vitamins. So my point is depending on what you need, butter and ghee can really add a lot of flavor to your usual dish. To help you better enjoy these two on your dishes, below are some quick recipes for you to try.

Paleo Lemon Ghee Chicken– Perfect to satisfy your kids’ hunger, this recipe is so simple that you can have it ready in less than an hour. Season chicken with salt and add it to a cooked mixture of lemon zest, lemon juice, garlic powder, ghee, salt, rosemary and coconut cream. Stir until the chicken and mixture is all combined. Baked the dish to a preheated oven for 40-45 minutes and let it stay in the oven for another 10 minutes to make the skin crispy. Serve immediately.

Buttery Baby Potatoes – A tasty and unique side dish for special events. Clean baby potatoes and add to boiling water for 20 minutes until tender. In a saucepan, add in butter to low heat and sautée garlic. Add in the baked potatoes. Mix in a teaspoon of oyster sauce and combine well. Serve and enjoy.

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