Heart of Palm: What is It? And, What are Its Benefits?

The heart of palm is one of the most popular food options by those who are practicing the vegan and vegetarian diets.

heart of palm

A nutritious food from palm trees’ core or bud, the heart of palm has a mild taste that is one of the common ingredients in side dishes and appetizers like salad. This vegetable is popular to those vegans and vegetarians as it is available in many local stores. Those who want to lose weight are also like this food because it offers a lot of benefits for us.

Heart of Palm

A lot of people has mistaken the heart of palm with artichoke hearts as these two have a similar flavor. The two are also commonly added to salad and other healthy dishes. Above all, the artichoke heart and the heart of palm also have similar sizes.

It is very prevalent in Latin American places. Many heart of palm in the country were transported from Costa Rica as well as from Brazil. There are also some that are from Asian countries.

This vegetable is offered in grocery stores fresh as well as processed, meaning in bottles or in cans. One good way of selecting the best heart of palm is by buying the firm and unblemished ones. On the other hand, for those who prefer to always have a heart of palm ready at their kitchen can always go for the canned ones as they can be stored for a long time. However, as a reminder, leftovers of this vegetable like the others should be kept in the refrigerator and be eaten not more than a day.

Nutrition Facts About the Heart of Palm

As I have mentioned, the this vegetable is very popular to those who are losing or maintaining weight as well as to those who want to be fit and practice a healthy lifestyle. You might be wondering why. This is because this vegetable has a lot of vitamins that our body needs.

The heart of palm is rich in potassium as well as carbohydrates. It is also a good source of zinc and copper to strengthen our immune system. In addition to this, the vegetable has dietary fiber that helps improve our digestion. As for the vitamins, experts agree that the heart of palm contains a high level of vitamin B6 and vitamin C to help us stay healthy.

How Can We Benefit From Including the Heart of Palm to Our Daily Diet

Heart of Palm Helps Us Maintain or Lose Weight

One of the reasons why the heart of palm is included in the daily diet of those who want to lose weight is because the vegetable has very low caloric content. Based on the database of the Department of Agriculture National Nutrient, there are only 32 calories for every ounce of this vegetable. On top of this is that the vegetable does not have any fat in it which is really important to those who are aiming to lose weight.

Heart of Palm Promotes Cardiac, Muscular and Brain Health

The heart of palm is a good source of potassium. As a matter of fact, potassium has the highest percentage of nutrient in the heart of palm. This is why this vegetable is commonly recommended to those who are having problems lowering their blood pressure. When a person has sufficient potassium in his or her body, then it follows that the individual will have a regular heartbeat as well as healthy nerve impulses and muscles.

Heart of Palm Is a Good Energy Source

If you are aiming to have a healthy lifestyle, then it is just important that you get active. This is where you will find it helpful because you will get around seven grams of carbohydrates for every ounce of the vegetable. These carbohydrates are essential as they will be your body’s source of energy especially when you are pursuing an active lifestyle.

You might be worried that its carbohydrate can make you gain weight. Well, there is nothing to be worried about as its carbohydrate content is compensated by its dietary fiber which will boost our digestion and metabolism. In addition to these, the dietary fiber in the heart of palm can also help lower our risk of suffering from Type 2 diabetes.

Heart of Palm Improves Your Sleep Cycle and Mood

It is very common for working adults to have troubles getting sleep. This is because of the stress that we usually get from working. One good way of managing this is by always including the heart of palm in your daily diet.

This vegetable has vitamin B6 that contributes a lot to our body. First, vitamin B6 plays an important role in the carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism and synthesis. Second, this vitamin supports the better functioning of the neurotransmitters which are crucial to our sleep cycle and mood regulation.

Other Nutrients From Heart of Palm

Are you always tired from work? Then one possible impact of always being stressed out is that you may have a weak immune system and may be suffering from anemia. To prevent this from happening, I recommend that you regularly eat the this. Why? Because this vegetable has iron content that boosts the oxygen supply in the various parts of our body. According to nutritionists, every cup of this vegetable contains 4.57 milligrams of iron which is around half of the total iron that men need on a daily basis.

Another healthy content of the heart of palm is folate. This is the rationale why this vegetable is also recommended to expectant moms as they need the folate to support the

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