12 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Foot Fungus

Foot fungus is a disease caused by tiny fungus. This can cause issues like itchy and scaly feet. If you’re wondering how to get rid of foot fungus there are several home remedies including garlic and tea tree oil.


Are you suffering from foot fungus? This is also known by other names like Athlete’s Foot and can be a tough disease to deal with. It’s caused by a tiny fungus that causes conditions like itchy and scaly skin. Nearly three-quarters of people have foot fungus at least once during their lives. The good news is you can learn how to get rid of foot fungus. This can help to treat the condition effectively so you can get on with your life. It can be tough to deal with itchy feet but some DIY treatments can effectively treat the symptoms.

There are both prescription and non-prescription treatments for this condition. There are some main drawbacks of Rx drugs. For example, the costs will be higher, so it might be difficult to cover the costs if you’re on a shoestring budget. Another issue is prescription drugs are much more likely to cause serious side-effects. If you’re already dealing with foot problems this can make a bad situation worse. You can use home remedies like talcum powder to treat the fungus. It’s just a matter of researching different treatments to determine how effective they are for treating the condition also known as the Athlete’s Foot.  

What Exactly Is Foot Fungus?

This is a disease that results from tiny fungus. The condition also known as Athlete’s Foot results from tiny fungus and can cause different symptoms like itchy/scaly feet. The fungus that results in this condition lives well in areas that are warm/moist. This helps to explain why fungus often shows up on feet.  

If your feet remain hot/sweaty for long-terms you’re more likely to have this condition. If you have the condition often then you should get a checkup to determine if you suffer from any conditions that might be causing the foot fungus.

Foot fungus usually happens in between a person’s toes. It then spread to other parts including the sole, arch, and heel. Sometimes this condition only causes the bottom of a person’s foot to become red and flaky/scaly.

There are also some extreme cases that cause the fungus to form blisters. The condition becomes ringworm when it moves to other body parts besides the foot. This is certainly a situation in which you should contact your doctor to get a checkup/test.

Prevention Tips

If you want to prevent getting Athlete’s Foot it’s important to make sure your feet/shoes are cool/dry. The reason is when your feet are in warm/moist areas it’s more likely you’ll develop this condition. In fact, in this condition, it’s more common for the fungus to be transmitted to other people. This is a situation you’ll certainly want to avoid.

You can also take steps to help prevent getting foot fungus at home and in public places. For example, when you’re in an area with lots of foot traffic make sure to wear sandals and similar footwear. You can also use disinfectant in order to keep areas like shower areas clean.

Another step on how to get rid of foot fungus is to keep towels clean/dry. You should also avoid sharing towels, socks, and similar items. These are steps you should be taking anyway but they can help to prevent foot fungus.  

Tips on How to Get Rid of Foot Fungus

1. Baking Soda

This is easy to find and can be used for many treatments including foot fungus. Studies show it can kill skin fungus.

2. Snakeroot Extract

This flower is from the sunflower family. It’s an anti-fungal extract that can treat fungus. Studies show it can treat toenail fungus effectively.

3. Listerine

It contains ingredients that can fight fungus and bacteria. This helps to explain why this is a folk remedy used for toenail fungus.

4. Garlic

Several studies show that garlic can help to fight some kinds of bacteria/fungi. A study review shows that garlic kills many germs including foot fungus.

5. Oregano Oil

This has thymol, which helps fight bacteria/fungus. You just have to apply it 2x daily to the infected nail. You can add tea tree oil.

6. VapoRub

This is often used for colds but the ingredients including eucalyptus oil can help to deal with toenail fungus. One 2011 proved this home remedy works.

7. Olive Leaf Extract

It’s believed a substance in this extract can fight microbes and fungus, and boost the immune system. You can use a topical or capsule version.

8. Protein

This helps to support healthy nail growth. It can also help to keep your nails strong so they can fight off bacteria.

9. Talcum Powder

Use this with a hairdryer to get the best result. The hairdryer helps to dry the foot area so there’s no moisture for the fungus to thrive.

10. Tea Tree Oil (TTO)

The leaves have antifungal/antibacterial properties. One study showed TTO worked better than a fake treatment.

11. Yogurt

This can help increase healthy bacteria in your body, which can help to fight bad bacteria like fungus.

12. Hydrogen Peroxide

You can use the combo of peroxide and iodine. This helps to kill skin germs and disinfect wounds/cuts. One study showed this blend can kill 16+ kinds of fungi.

Tips to Keep Feet Healthy

If you want to avoid getting foot fungus and other conditions it’s important to make sure to take certain steps. Start with the basics. Make sure to keep your feet clean/dry. When you bathe make sure you’re getting your feet a good scrub. You should also try to use warm soapy water.

Then when you’re done washing your feet make sure you dry them well. If you avoid the area becoming wet and moist this can help to prevent problems like bacteria/fungus. It might seem like mere details yet it’s a critical step to take after cleaning your feelings thoroughly.

Another important step is to examine your feet from time to time. Make sure to check them about once a week when you take a shower/bath. Always check for peeling on the feet and toes. That’s because these are areas that could be affected by fungus. You’ll want to know whether you have an athlete’s foot so you can take steps to get treatment.

You should also watch out for nail fungus. Check your toenails and look for any discoloration. If you have diabetes then it’s critical to check your feet daily. The reason is you’re at a higher risk of infections and sores. This is a situation you’ll probably want to avoid.

You should also take the time to trim your toenails correctly. Cut the nails straight across and don’t trim them very close to the skin. Another issue to avoid is cutting around the nails’ corners since this could result in ingrown toenails.

Another step to take is to wear some shower shoes whenever you’re at places like public pools and gym locker rooms. This can help to keep your feet protected so you’ll be able to avoid needing to take steps about how to get rid of foot fungus.

12 remedies for foot fungus

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