The Best Way On How To Poach A Salmon

Salmon is a healthy seafood option that a lot of people love. That’s why we will be looking at the best way on how to poach a salmon.

Poached salmon

If you love salmon, then get in right here. Salmon has always been known to be one of the best seafood options that you can opt for. When you get wild salmon, you can sure expect a lot of benefits. This fish is known to be rich in nutrients, that’s why a lot of people love it. The thing though is that people don’t the best method of cooking salmon. Well, they’re a lot of methods, and we will be looking at the nest method today. But today we will concentrate a bit more on how to poach salmon. If you know how to poach salmon, well, you can be sure that you will enjoy your salmon each time you prepare it. 

For many people, salmon is their go-to fish. That’s not a surprise given it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. And this is known to have anti-inflammatory effects on the body. With this, you will be able to reduce inflammation in the body. And this will also help reduce the symptoms that come with certain conditions. That’s why salmon is one of the foods that you should opt for when you are on an anti-inflammatory diet. Well, enough about salmon. Let’s just delve into the best way of cooking salmon. 

The Best Way to Poach a Salmon

The best method for poaching is the cold-start poaching. For this method, you don’t have have to use high heat when poaching your fish. The reason why people use high heat for different cooking methods is to help take away the moisture. At the same time, you will be able to get the brown surface that you want on the surface. That’s why when it comes to grilling and roasting high-heat is what is used. 

The truth is that for many foods that high heat is used for high heat quickly cooks the food. And then the fish remains quite juicy within. Even though we want the salmon fish to be juicy on the inside we don’t need it to be brown. So that’s why we don’t opt for high heat. 

When it comes to high heat being used on salmon this is not a good idea. The reason for this is because the surface of the fish will shrink and then become very tough. This at the same time will affect the proteins in the fish. Since we want all that to be intact then opting for high heat is not a good method. 

So the idea of cooking salmon is putting it in a cold poaching liquid and then cook slowly. This is the best method when it comes to cooking salmon. All the nutrients are preserved and then the salmon comes out nice. Well, let’s take a look at the steps involved when it comes to poaching salmon. 

Steps on How to Poach a Salmon

So if you follow the steps above you can be sure that you wouldn’t have a problem even if you are new to salmon. 

  1. Pick the salmon you want: When you want to opt for salmon make sure you choose a fresh one. That’s because salmon imparts just a small amount of flavor. Make sure the salmon is translucent and bright. When it comes to salmon different species have different colors. So if the color is deep this doesn’t indicate that it is of great quality. Make sure that the salmon you opt for is not soft and mushy. It also shouldn’t have a strong odor. 
  2. Clean up the fish: The next thing after you pick your salmon is to clean it up. Make sure you remove the scales on the fish. The scales are those shiny things on the body of the fish. You can do this by simply scraping the body of the fish. Then after doing that simply wash the fish in cool water. This will help get rid of any stragglers. The next thing is to pat the salmon dry and then season it with a bit of salt. 
  3. Choose your flavor: This is the interesting part when it comes to poaching your salmon. The thing is you can choose whatever flavor you want for poaching. You can opt for herbs, broths, and vegetables. You can as well use white wine, lemon, parsley, and onion. The truth is that you can opt for anything of your choice. As long as it would add flavor to the salmon. 
  4. Prepare the poaching liquid: After you have chosen the ingredients that you want then you can prepare the liquid. Just simply put enough water in the cooking pot and then add all the ingredients you have chosen. Ensure that the water you have added will be enough to cook the salmon. 
  5. Add the salmon:  After boiling the liquid to a high temperature add the salmon. The skin of the salmon should be facing down. As for the amount of the poaching liquid you just need enough. It’’s not necessary that it completely covers up the fish. 
  6. Poach: Right after that, you can cover the pot. Then reduce the heat to low heat. Let it simmer gently for about 5-8 minutes. The time is dependent on the thickness of the fish. To check if it’s ready, just touch a thick art of the salmon. Ensure that it is firm but not very hard to touch. 
  7. Pat dry: Once you are sure the salmon is done then you can remove it from the poaching liquid and then pat dry. Let the liquid from the fish dry. This will help get rid of any excess liquid on the salmon. 

After that, you can serve the salmon however you want to. You can add salt, herbs, pepper when you want to serve the salmon. This is actually up to you. Well, with this best method on how to poach a salmon you can be sure that you will enjoy every bite of your salmon. It would and taste amazingly well. 

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