Top Benefits of Licorice Root

Licorice roots indeed very beneficial herbal plants but always take it in moderation because it can lead to some side effects.

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Licorice root is a type of herb that originally came from the Mediterranean, Russia, Iran, and Asia Minor. This herb contains glycyrrhizic acid that can cause health problems if over consumed. Licorice is used in different ways.

As of today different varieties of licorice are grown in Asia and Europe and it can be taken by mouth or it will depend on how you will use it. It also called a multi that belongs to the group of legumes.

Licorice is known in flavoring in toothpaste, sweets, bobble gums, and beer. The root of licorice contains different vitamins such as vitamins E and B. Aside from that it also contains selenium, zinc, phosphorus, calcium, iron, choline and silicon. The licorice root product is can be in tea form, capsule, and powder.

Licorice roots indeed very beneficial herbal plants but always take it in moderation because it can lead to some side effects.

Top Benefits Of Licorice Root

Combat with a respiratory problem

The roots of licorice poses antioxidant that acts as an antibacterial agent that fights different factors of developing asthma cough and sore thought. Aside from that licorice roots also contain anti-inflammatory agents that helps the inflammation of bronchial tubes and will alleviate the mucus in the airways which is helpful in breathing.

It protects the liver

The antioxidant property of licorice has this characteristic to protect the liver from free radicals. It also fights with different liver problems such as hepatitis B; jaundice and fatty liver. According to some research, licorice roots that consuming the right amount of licorice roots can help to protect the liver and fight non-alcoholic fatty acid.

Promote oral health

It’s very embarrassing when we have bad breath and we don’t have confidence talking to other people because they might smell the foul odor of our mouth but aside from antioxidant licorice roots also poses antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. These properties will help to maintain the good health of the mouth. That’s why its use to flavor toothpaste. By using powdered licorice roots can be helpful in maintaining good oral health.

Helps to manage menopausal symptoms

Licorice contains phytoestrogenic compounds that help to treat the hormonal imbalance of the body. Licorice also contains vitamin B which helps to keep balance the hormones of the body. Menopausal symptoms include hot flashes and others.

Manage depression

Licorice contains glycyrrhizin which is responsible for improving the work of adrenal glands which is responsible for managing depression and other mental problems. Since licorice contains magnesium it can help women to manage postpartum depression which happens during and after pregnancy.

Fight arthritis

Arthritis is a bothersome condition it will impair all your physical activities since your joints will be swollen but you don’t have to worry so much because of the anti-inflammatory characteristic of licorice helps the joints to fight with arthritis and other joint inflammation. Additionally, the licorice root contains aspirin that has an ability to manage to swell and easing the pain.

Strengthen immunity

Because of the nutrients and minerals that licorice poses it promotes the immune system that will lead to a healthy body. Those minerals and nutrients will help the body to regenerate and can store more energy for daily activities. When our immune system is healthy it can fight free radicals that can cause chronic disease.

Asses in losing weight

Obesity is one of the most health problems of millennial since most of the food that is available are processed food. But having a cup of licorice tea on regular bases will help you to lose some weight it’s because of its antioxidant property. Antioxidant promotes balance in the hormones that is very helpful in digesting foods.

Treat canker sore

Canker sore is painful and bothersome but because of the anti-inflammatory characteristic of licorice roots it can treat canker sore and aside from that licorice can fight the herpes virus. The responsibility of fighting the herpes virus is the antibacterial and anti-micro bacterial characteristic of the herb.

Fight with different digestive problems

Licorice roots can fight different types of digestive ailments such as acid reflux and heartburn it’s because of the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of the herb.  Those antibacterial properties will clean the stomach and release the toxin so that the body won’t build up too much toxin inside the body.

It protects the skin

Licorice roots are also good to our skin. Because of the antioxidant and antibacterial component of the herb actually it can treat schema and other skin conditions that usually make us uncomfortable.

Things To Remember In Taking Licorice Roots

Almost all of the medicine herbal or not has its own weakness and strength the important thing is you are aware of is so that you can use it in the right way. The following are some of the things you need to remember if you are taking or you are going to take licorice roots.

  1. Do not use an ample amount of licorice for a longer time because it can cause high blood pressure and other side effects.
  2. Before you will use licorice roots consult your doctor first especially if you are taking different prescription medicines to avoid any health complications later on.
  3. If you are suffering from different serious illness please do not take licorice roots.
  4. Licorice roots are very big no for those who are pregnant and babies.

Facts About Licorice Roots

  • Licorice day does exist and it’s on April 12th
  • It is already used a long time ago especially in China because of its health benefits.
  • Originally came from Mediterranean, Russia and Asia Minor.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte saw licorice in a battle.  
  • It grows as a shrub woody and hairy plant
  • It can live within 2 years in the wild a usual trait of perennial plants.
  • Licorice rice roots are used as a healing tonic in old Egypt.
  • The licorice plant is used to making foam for a fire extinguisher.

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