Meyer Lemon Health Benefits And Ways To Eat It

Meyer lemon health benefits include cardiovascular aid, skin care, digestion aid, prevents kidney stones, and reduces risk of cancer.

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We all have our unique traits, and this distinguishes us from others. That is the case of Meyer lemon. One reason why this is a lot different from other types of lemon is its taste. It does not taste sour like other lemons. At the same time, it has a lot of benefits. Our focus here will be Meyer lemon health benefits.

Lemons contain high vitamins and Antioxidant which your body Need. It also has anti-cancer properties. Are you battling with skin conditions like acne? Lemon can be part of your option for a home remedy to clear your acne scars. Another great thing about lemons is that it Can be used in baking, cooking, and making salads. Did you ever think about the difference between Meyer lemon and regular lemon? Then continue reading to find out.

Things To Know About Meyer Lemons

Lemon is one of the fruits that is cultivated all around the world. Meyer Lemon was from China in the 20th was introduced to the united states by a man named Frank Meyer. This citrus fruit is different from regular lemon because of its taste. The taste is between a regular lemon and a mandarin orange, not too sour and not too sweet. In appearance, Meyer lemon is smaller than regular lemons. It has smoother and thin skin. When you see Meyer lemon and regular lemon, you can easily differentiate between the two. 

Meyer lemons are moderately acidic, but they do not have the same tang as regular lemons, which makes them good for salads and desserts. It has a bergamot scent that smells like an herb or spice. 

Meyer lemons have a more complex scent than regular lemons. Regular lemons are available during every season of the year, while Meyer lemon is seasonal. It is available from December until May. Due to its distinctive flavor, you can add to food, salads, and beverages.

Meyer Lemon Health benefits

There is a common saying that says when life gives you a lemon, make lemonade out of it. Meyer lemon has numerous benefits it does for your body because of its major nutrient, which is Vitamin C. it can act as antioxidants. It contains nutrients like iron, dietary fiber, Vitamin B6, and carbohydrate. There are various health benefits of Meyer lemon, some of them are explained below;

1. Improves digestion

HealthLemon constitutes 10% carbs, which are in the form of simple sugars and soluble fiber. The major fiber in lemon is pectin, which is a form of soluble fiber that has lots of health benefits. Soluble fibers help to slow down the digestion of starches and sugars and also improve the health of your gut. If you consume lemon juice without the skin and pulp, you will miss out on the fiber benefits.

2. Cardiovascular health

Stroke and heart attack are some of the common cardiovascular diseases that do lead to death. Consuming fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C can help reduce the risk of having cardiovascular disease. For those who are overweight or those who have high blood pressure, it is advisable to increase the intake of vitamin C to prevent stroke. Meyer lemon contains essential oils that can prevent LDL cholesterol from oxidizing. 

3. Helps control weight

Meyer lemon contains a soluble pectin fiber which acts by expanding your stomach and make you feel full for longer hours. Drinking hot water that has lemon in it can help you in losing weight. There are also some plant compounds in lemon extracts that are believed to help in the prevention of weight gain.

4. Prevents kidney stones

Kidney stones are tiny lumps that are formed when waste products build up within the kidneys. Meyer lemon has citric acid in it, which helps to prevent kidney stones formation by increasing urine PH and the volume of your urine. Lemonade also has a good effect in preventing kidney stones.

5. High blood pressure

Meyer lemon contains potassium, which is beneficial for those suffering from heart problems. It can offer a calming sensation to both your body and mind which makes it good for nausea, high blood pressure, and dizziness. For people going through mental stress and depression, it can be a good remedy for them.

6. Reduce cancer risk

It is believed that a diet that contains fruits and vegetables can help prevent some cancers. If you consume citrus fruits, then you have a lower risk of cancer. Research shows that compounds derived from lemon kills cancer cells. Some compounds in lemon like naringenin and limonene have anti-cancer effects.

7. Respiratory disorders

Meyer lemon is rich in vitamin C, which makes it good for dealing with respiratory disorders. Lemon juice can relieve respiratory problems and also breathing problems. It is also helpful for a person that is suffering from an asthma attack. 

8. Internal Bleeding

Lemon contains antiseptic and coagulant properties, which help in blood clotting. If you are bleeding through your nose, you can put some lemon juice on a cotton ball and place it inside your nose to stop the bleeding.

How to eat Meyer Lemon

  • Fresh ripe lemons can be cut and mixed with a large amount of salt to make a delicacy called al-Hamid-al-marqad in Morocco.
  • Meyer lemon is slightly acidic, and it can be used for a refreshing drink, cordials. It can also add flavor to your food.
  • The peel of Meyer lemon contains oil which can be used as a flavoring agent and pharmaceutical purpose.
  • Meyer lemon can be transformed into powder form which can be used for carbonated beverages, lemonade, and mixed drinks.
  • Meyer lemon can be used for different recipes in baking like cakes, cookies, casseroles, cheesecakes, muffins, sherbert, and walnut rolls. 
  • If you are a fish lover, then you need to add a splash of lemon on it to enjoy your fish dish more. 
  • Meyer lemon health benefits range from medical benefits tow traditional benefits. You can use it as a home remedy for some skin conditions like acne and eczema. It is rich in vitamin C that can help you fight infection and prevent scurvy. 

Meyer lemon has an antibacterial effect that you can use to treat infections like ringworm, athlete‚Äôs foot, and warts. The essential oil derived from Meyer lemon is used for aromatherapy and massage. All in all, Meyer lemon is one you shouldn’t miss out. 

Health Benefits Of Meyer Lemon

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