Nutritional Facts of Coconut Milk

Coconut contains various nutrients and minerals that are good for the body.

benefits of coconut milk

Did you know that apart from having a rich and creamy texture, coconut milk can give you the nutrients that your body needs?

As you might know, Cocos nucifera or coconut is a part of the Palm family. Coconut trees grow in southern Asia, Polynesia, and Malaysia. What will amaze you about this tree is that you can use all its parts­— oil, sugar, flesh, water, and milk. You can also use the leaves and husks of the tree for creating house furniture or even a house. On top of those, the tree produces ample amounts of coconuts 13 times a year.

Among all the parts of the coconut, the most known are the water and milk. Coconut water has fewer fats and nutrients compared to coconut milk. On the contrary, coconut milk comes from the coconut flesh. The milk is famous in several countries including India and Hawaii. In fact, some people add this milk to their meal for better taste.

How Coconut Milk is Produced

You might like coconut milk for its creamy texture and sweetness. But unlike most milk that you will find in a grocery store, coconut milk is not a typical milk. As mentioned earlier, coconut milk contains coconut meat.

To produce a coconut milk, you blend the coconut meat. Afterward, you add water to create a thick and creamy texture. Usually, matured coconuts are the recommended fruits to use if you plan on making coconut milk.

Nutrients Found on Coconut Milk

Did you know that coconut milk is actually a high-calorie food? Yes, you got that right. In fact, this milk contains the following nutrients:

  • Fat – is one of the main micronutrients which are essential in a diet
  • Protein – an important nutrient that repairs and builds tissues
  • Carbohydrates – is a type of nutrient that gives energy to your body
  • Fiber – a carbohydrate that can regulate the body’s sugar
  • Vitamin C – a vitamin that can be used as a supplement
  • Selenium – a component that is helpful in metabolism and reproduction
  • Manganese – this is a mineral that you can find in seeds, nuts, and leafy green vegetables
  • Copper – a mineral that is available on beans, mushroom, and seafood
  • Potassium – an important nutrient that is found in various food
  • Magnesium – is known for regulating biochemicals in the body
  • Iron – a nutrient that helps in transporting oxygen in your body
  • Folate – is actually vitamin B that is found in vitamin supplements

With all these nutrients present in coconut milk, it is no doubt that you can get health benefits from it as well. Even better, it is a great source of minerals and vitamins that are very helpful to your body.

Effects of Drinking Coconut Milk

Just like other milk, coconut milk can give you a lot of health benefits. Here are just some of them:

1. Lessens Your Weight and Boosts Your Metabolism

Another important component found in coconut milk is medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) that can help in improving your metabolism and decreasing your weight. Some studies showed that MCTs can reduce your appetite which can result in lesser food intake. There are even studies that proved that MCTs are helpful in burning fats in your body.

2. Reduces the Risk of Cholesterol and Lowers Blood Pressure

Researchers found out that coconut milk is the ideal source of lauric acid that has antiviral and antibacterial effects in your body. This type of acid then can improve your heart health as well as cholesterol levels.

Even better, coconut milk has the minerals needed for blood circulation thus can help in maintaining your blood pressure. It is also has a good impact on your blood vessels.

3. Improves Digestion and Eliminates Constipation

Coconut milk contains electrolytes and fats that can keep your digestive track healthy. These also can aid constipation. By drinking coconut milk, you can expect that your intestines to be clean, clearing all the necessary routes for the nutrients to pass.

4. Keeps Bones Strong

Coconut milk is good for your bones too. It contains phosphorus and calcium that can keep your bones strong and healthy at all times. Researchers even found out that by drinking coconut milk regularly, you have a lower risk of having fractures, arthritis, and joint inflammation

5. Shields You from Ulcer

Some studies show that coconut milk can be a great aid for ulcer. This is because the milk contains antibacterial and anti-ulcer properties that can fight bacteria. A research in India also showed that drinking coconut milk can cure foot ulcers.

Coconut milk can also give you more health benefits such as keeping your prostate glands healthy, prevents fatigue, and builds muscles. It also has effects on your skin and hair. By applying coconut milk in your hair, it can help in hair growth, restores hair, and a great substitute for conditioner.

You can also use the milk in your face as it can be a great moisturizer, exfoliate, and makeup remover. Other effects include skin burn treatment and keeping your skin from aging.

There are a lot of ways for you to use coconut milk. You can add it to your food as a milk for your cereal, or you can add it to your pudding. With the wonderful health benefits of coconut milk, you can find a lot of food recipes using this milk online.

Coconuts have proven to be one of the most useful fruits in the world. You can use all the parts of its tree, and you can expect to get a lot of nutrients from its fruit. You can benefit from its oil, milk, and sugar. But among those three, the most nutritious is the milk that comes from the coconut meat.

Coconut milk comes from the coconut flesh with a combination of water. This milk contains nutrients and vitamins. These nutrients, when combined together, can give you health benefits such as improving your digestion and keeping your bones healthy. That is not all as you can use this milk in your skin and hair.

Coconut Milk

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