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benefits of honey

The many health benefits of honey

Over the years, honey has served its purpose in so many ways. Aside from being useful in food preparation, honey has also been beneficial in the field of medicine. Honey is rich in plant compounds that is also useful for...

benefits of apple cider vinegar

7 cool ways to use apple cider vinegar

You’ve heard about the amazing wonders apple cider vinegar can do, yes? If you try to look it up online, you could find a lot of articles, reviews, studies, researches, and even testaments that could attest to the unbelievable benefits...

giant chunk of tofu

What is tofu made out of?

Love it or hate it, it seems that tofu is the kind of food that sparks so much debate on whether or not it should be a permanent fixture on one’s diet. But there is no denying that tofu has...