Benefits of Proteolytic Enzymes

Enzymes and the likes of it are essential in the various chemical processes in our body. It has many jobs in our body and most of them are vital.

proteolytic enzymes

Enzymes and the likes of it are essential in the various chemical processes in our body. These enzymes are even important in the most mundane and simplest chemical reactions and processes within our organs.

Enzymes can be a catalyst, reactor, and supplementary reactor.  They have many jobs in our body and most of them are either essential or vital. From being part of the digestion to the various chemical processes in the reproductive system, whatever their job is, enzymes are important to get us alive and kicking. With this being said, it is best to know about these little miracle workers and what they can do for our body.

Proteolytic Enzymes

The highlight of our article today is this enzyme which has a unique function in our body. It has been around for years now in the pharmaceuticals due to its health benefits whether vital or supplementary. This particular enzyme which is being made into supplements nowadays is slowly getting famous due to its myriads of benefits.

Its name is a proteolytic enzyme. This enzyme particularly helps in the digestive process and so is with the various processes involving proteins. This type of enzyme is not only produced in supplements, but they can also be naturally be found inside the body and in some food. Sometimes when people get an insufficient amount of this enzyme they tend to get sick. This is where they turn to its supplemental forms (pills, tablets, gels, capsules) to augment this enzyme’s loss.

Let us be more in depth of the proteolytic enzyme function. This enzyme is best known for its function in creating breaking down the dietary protein that passes through our digestive system. However aside from that, the proteolytic enzyme also does other side jobs but in very important fields like cell development, division, blood functions, immune system, protein life cycle and so on and so forth. Even plants and animals also have this enzyme to help them thrive. The proteolytic enzyme is naturally produced in a human’s digestive system. This enzyme is produced there and for good reason. Its primary purpose is to break down dietary protein in our body.

Sources of Proteolytic Enzymes


You can get proteolytic enzyme in fruits and is abundant in papaya or protein. Papaya has a proteolytic enzyme in all of its parts. Another fruit that is rich in the proteolytic enzyme is pineapple. It can be found in the fruit’s flesh and the juice of the pineapple. Due to the proteolytic enzyme content in the pineapple, has been used for many decades now as a supplement or topical treatment for certain ailments. Cooked papaya or pineapple loses its proteolytic enzyme content value so best to eat them in their raw state. These two fruits are the primary source of the proteolytic enzyme but there are other fruits that have proteolytic enzyme too.


If you are not a fan of the classical way of having the proteolytic enzyme, then you may turn to supplements. The proteolytic enzyme as a supplement is turned into several versions of pills, powders, and so on and so forth. They differ in dosage, amount, number of proteolytic enzyme and the likes. There are many types of proteolytic enzyme, they are sometimes combined in one product or a sole proteolytic enzyme is contained in a single pill. These supplements differ too in terms of resources used. Some proteolytic enzyme came from animals and some came from plants and fruits.

Get proteolytic enzyme supplements from brands that are trustworthy and credible. Take them to read on the instructions, contents, potency, ingredients, side effects, and drug interaction in the small pamphlet inside the package. These will let you know the things that you can do in order to safely use the item and inform you too of the possible dangers that you might face. If you are quite confused and unsure about using the proteolytic enzyme supplement, it is better to take an effort to visit a doctor.

The Health Benefits of the Proteolytic Enzyme

Pharmaceutical companies have made them into supplements and for good reasons. Proteolytic enzymes have a lot of health benefits. Some of its significant health benefits can be summarized below.

The Proteolytic Enzyme Improves our Digestive System

The proteolytic enzyme is produced in the digestive system because it helps breakdown the dietary protein that passes in our stomach. Without the presence of a proteolytic enzyme in our stomach, we will likely not be able to absorb proteins in our system.

Hence, if your stomach lacks the enzyme and the capability to break down protein, there will be a domino effect of not having protein in our system. You can use proteolytic enzyme supplement as a way to augment this enzyme loss. The other perks of the proteolytic enzyme are that it relatively helps, eliminate indigestion, stomach and abdominal ache, gassy stomach, and so on and so forth.

The Proteolytic Enzyme is Anti-Inflammatory

Researches show a great deal of the proteolytic enzyme potency in reducing inflammation including the symptoms associated with it. This is due to the fact that the proteolytic enzyme can break down rouge proteins present in our bloodstream that may exacerbate inflammation. plus, it also helps the immune system, in effect, faster healing, and faster fade out of the inflammation occurs.

The Proteolytic Enzyme May Help Prevent Heart Disease

Researches have tackled and delved on the fact that bacteria and in general, hence inflammation, may play a key role in inducing heart ailments like strokes and cardiac arrest. This is practically still a theory but the possibility of it can’t be ruled out for now. Now, since the proteolytic enzyme is known to fight off inflammation and in turn bacteria, it can be of a possibility that proteolytic enzyme may prevent heart diseases too.

The Proteolytic Enzyme Might Help Fight a Virus

The proteolytic enzyme does not only break down dietary protein. It can also break down fungi, bacteria, and virus. It breaks the bonds of amino acids present in the virus. This helps a lot since the virus brings myriads of diseases.

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