Benefits of Vitamin B12

Cobalamin or vitamin B12 is one of the most important vitamins that we should have. This is because we can only get vitamin B12 from our food sources and can’t be produced by our body.

Vitamin B12

Cobalamin or vitamin B12 is one of the most important vitamins that we should have. This is because we can only get vitamin B12 from our food sources and can’t be produced by our body. In addition to getting them from foods, vitamin B12 is now offered to use through pills or even through injectibles.

One of the vital roles played by vitamin B12 in our body is to ensure nerve cells functioning. This vitamin is also essential to the synthesis of our DNAs as well as in the development of red blood cells. I was once prescribed by my physician with vitamin B12. That was the time when I was pregnant with my son. This is due to the fact that breastfeeding or pregnant women are in great need of vitamin B12.

Improving our energy, protecting us from heart disease and sharpening up our memory are few of its benefits. Below is a roundup of the good things that we can get from adding vitamin B12 to our daily diet.

Vitamin B12 Is the Key to Prevent Ourselves From Having Anemia

As mentioned above, this vitamin is essential to the proper or healthy development of red blood cells in our body. One good indication that a person is deficient in B12 is when the shape of the red blood cells appears to be oval and bigger than usual. This is due to the inability of the cells that are found in the bone marrow to get to our bloodstream.

When this incident happens, there is a good chance that the patient will suffer from megaloblastic anemia. Weakness and feeling of exhaustion are also the other indications that we lack this special vitamin. This is because our body fails to supply our important body organs with the oxygen that they need.

Lack in Vitamin B12 Can Result to Macular Degeneration

Known as a disease that impacts our central vision, macular degeneration is one of the complications that people lacking vitamin B12 can have. This vitamin is helpful to lessen the odds of a person to experience the condition because it keeps the homocysteine at a low level. To better cut the risks of a person of having this condition is when B12 is taken along with other supplements such as vitamin B6 and folic acid.

Vitamin B12 Is Important to Healthy Baby Development

Vitamin B12 is commonly recommended and taken by pregnant women. This is for the reason that the deficiency in this specific vitamin can affect the healthy development of the baby’s nervous system. Aside from brain development, vitamin B12 also plays an essential role in ensuring that the mom will be safe from experiencing a miscarriage. This is why pregnant women are recommended to take more than 400 milligrams of vitamin B12 a day to be sure that the baby will be healthy.

Vitamin B12 and Its Relation to Osteoporosis

Worried about your bone strength? Diagnosed with osteoporosis? Why not take vitamin B12 on a daily basis? Clinical research participated by over 2,500 patients supports this statement. It claims that lower bone mineral density is seen in participants who lack the vitamin in their body. If the condition persists, our bones with become fragile. It will eventually result to a patient suffering from osteoporosis.

Vitamin B12 May Be the Answer to Your Mood Swings

Are you always in a bad mood? Afraid that depression might put your health or life at risk? My advice is for you to include vitamin B12 to your daily routine. Although there is still no clear clinical findings as to how this wonder vitamin affects our emotions, it is already proven it’s important to serotonin metabolism as well as synthesis.

What is serotonin? This is the key chemical to our moods. Some medical experts tie depression to low production of serotonin. This is why vitamin B12 is also recommended for depressed patients. To maximize its benefits, it is also important to use it along with antidepressants.

Ensure That Your Neurons Are in Good Shape with Vitamin B12

Aside from pregnant women, vitamin B12 is also prescribed or advised to be taken by older adults. This is due to the idea that vitamin B12 helps act against brain atrophy.

What is this medical condition? Brain atrophy occurs if the patient has been losing some neurons in her or his nervous system. Indications that a patient is positive of having brain atrophy are the presence of dementia or the occurrence of memory loss. To prevent patients from severe neuron losses, doctors usually advise them to take omega-3 fatty acids along with their daily dose of vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12 and Cardiovascular System Health

One of the common signs that a patient is prone to having heart disease is the prevalence of homocysteine in the bloodstream. To combat this one, sufficient intake of vitamin B12 is necessary.

Sufficient Vitamin B12 Leads to Improved Energy Source

Like vitamin C, you will not overdose with vitamin B12. This is because, if you exceed the recommended level a day, your body will just remove the excess ones through your urine. This leads us to the points raised by many medical experts that having more than enough of this vitamin in our body will just boost our daily energy. This is the reason why doctors recommend us to have this if we frequently experience severe fatigue.

Vitamin B12 Helps Improve the Health of Our Nails, Skin, and Hair

Dermatologic conditions such as vitiligo, hair changes, discoloration of the nail as well as hyperpigmentation can be addressed by increasing our intake of vitamin B12. However, the effects of vitamin B12 on our skin will only be experienced if you are deficient with this one. If you are regularly taking vitamin B12, it is highly possible that you won’t be able to feel any difference in your hair, skin and nail health.

Now that we have discussed how we can greatly benefit from vitamin B12, will you now include it in your daily diet?

Vitamin B12

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