What’s the difference between pink himalayan salt and regular salt?

Unlike regular salt, pink himalayan salt contains all the 6 kinds of electrolytes that our body needs.

Unlike regular salt, pink himalayan salt contains all the 6 kinds of electrolytes that our body needs.

Salt is undeniably one of the most important ingredients when cooking. Once it’s lacking, your food would surely taste bad and boring. However, there are different kinds of salt. Generally speaking, not all salts are created equally. Every kind of salt has its own uniqueness and has its own number of benefits and uses.

Whenever you walk down the grocery store, there will be an array of colors and texture of different salts waiting for you. This had been an existing dilemma for most people who are very much conscious on which kind they will include in their meal preparation.

In this article, let’s try to discuss two of the most common options in the market.

You may have heard about the pink salt that most people claim to be jam-packed with a lot of health benefits. Yes, I’m talking about the pink himalayan salt.

Pink himalayan salt as the name suggests, is naturally pink in color. This kind of salt is said to be mined in the Himalayas in Pakistan. If you’re going to ask people who pretty much watch after their diet, they would recommend you the pink himalayan salt because it is said to be the healthiest option among others.

Now, you may already be asking what’s the difference between pink himalayan salt and the regular table salt. Let’s first try to define salt.

Salt is a common mineral that is mostly composed of sodium chloride. Almost 98% of salt consists of sodium that is why some people would interchangeably use the term “sodium” rather than “salt”.

Before salt becomes available for consumers, it has to undergo several processes first to make sure some impurities were removed. The refining process of salt is primarily done to get rid of the unwanted minerals besides the sodium chloride.

Aside from including salt to add flavors in your meals, salt also plays an important role in your diet. For some reason, sodium is necessary to be a part of your diet since it helps in nerve conduction, fluid balance, and muscle contraction. However, the problem would only take place if you had consumed too much sodium. Having said, too much salt could also lead to high blood pressure and may even fall to heart diseases.

Due do this belief, some people shifted to using pink himalayan salt instead of the regular salt.

Now that we’ve touched some of the most debatable issues about sals, let’s now try to look at the benefits of pink himalayan salt.

Is it really healthier? Let’s find out!

Some of the existing minerals present in pink himalayan salt include magnesium, iron, calcium, iodine, and potassium.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt




  1. Promotes healthy thyroid

In order to maintain a healthy thyroid, our body needs a good amount of iodine. As emphasized above, the mentioned element is present in pink himalayan salt. According to some research, iodine deficiency could lead to some health issues such as hypothyroidism. Basing on the World Health Organization’s statistics about the cases of hypothyroidism, most cases happen to be present in India, Asia, and Africa.

You may say that iodine could also be found in a regular salt. Well yes, that is true. However, if you’re going to think of it, why not get iodine from a natural salt, right?

  1. Helps balance electrolytes

Aside from the minerals found in pink himalayan salt, this healthy salt also includes six kinds of electrolytes that are pretty much needed by our body. These electrolytes are namely sodium, potassium, chloride, magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium. This amazing benefit of pink himalayan salt is mostly useful for those who live an active lifestyle since the electrolytes present in this salt could help replenish the amount of water your body excreted while you were sweating out.

  1. Provides migraine relief

Primarily, one of the major causes of migraines and headaches is magnesium deficiency. Luckily, pink himalayan salt contains magnesium which could be used to help relieve migraine and headaches. In some people’s cases, they use pink himalayan salt as a natural remedy for such discomfort. Aside from the magnesium content of this salt, calcium is also present which is also helpful in relaxing the constricted blood vessels which causes the pain.

  1. Provides proper function for the adrenals

Most research suggest that in order for you adrenal glands to function properly, you would have to choose the right minerals that you feed to your body. The adrenal glands are the little glands that could be found at the top of your kidneys. For healthier adrenals, proper minerals such as potassium and sodium must be consumed by your body. Knowing that these minerals can be found in pink himalayan salt, then you just got yourself another reason why you should consider trying out this organic salt. Failure to keep your adrenals healthy could result to imbalances in and over-functioning in your adrenals.

Pink Himalayan Salt or Regular Salt?

You may still have some unanswered questions left in mind but before you leave the house to buy that pack of salt, you may want to consider these things first:

A lot of existing studies about salts would agree that the pink himalayan salt is always the better option among all other salts. Why? Because for one, pink himalayan is known as the purest salt on earth.

Unlike regular salt, pink himalayan salt contains all the 6 kinds of electrolytes that our body needs. On the contrary, regular salt contains all kinds of minerals as well – except for sodium and chloride. If we try to look back at the benefits of pink himalayan salt, you could see how it could provide a number of health benefits such as adrenal function, thyroid function, and could even save you from suffering severe headaches. This is why some people would prefer the pink himalayan over the regular table salt since regular salts are known to be chemically processed and has undergo bleaching. Some studies also said that too much regular table salt could cause high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. Not only that, they may also contain ammonia and aluminum.

Given all the health claims of pink himalayan salt, it is pretty obvious that this type of salt could be a great option for you if you want to avoid some of the drawbacks present in using regular table salt.

Pink himalayan salt may only be more expensive compared to other salts but given all the benefits? I would agree it’s always worth the price.

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